the Italian Restaurant that also conquers Hong Kong

Rome just like Hong Kong: when it comes to Sabatini, there is no arguing over taste.

The location of the restaurant on the Asian continent already says it all: a refined dining room in one of the most prestigious luxury hotels in the city; the Royal Garden is the setting for gourmet masterpieces that design the best of  Italian and Roman culinary tradition onto the plate.

The well-kept furnishings of the Hong Kong location, sophistication with taste and irony, the rural aspect of an Italy that at the table makes all the difference, honouring good food and knowing how to be together overseas, with live folk performances.

The award-winning Italian menu,
which combines luxury, creativity and rural Italy

In 2018, the Forbes Travel Guide Recommended Award decreed the Sabatini Restaurant at the Royal Garden in Hong Kong as one of the best restaurants in the world.

Perhaps it is thanks to the menu, which is authentic yet creative, designed and edited in every detail by the Sabatini Kitchen of Hong Kong team, respecting the seasonality of the raw materials, as well as the art handed down through tradition. Perhaps thanks to the quality of the ingredients, such as beef wagyu, Boston Maine lobster and Oscietra caviar .

Perhaps for the impeccable pasta, as well as the appetisers, the second courses and the desserts to finish (try the St. Honoré).

Or perhaps for the perfect selection of wine labels, that represent the rich complexity of Italian territory so well?

Probably, once again, the whole is more than the sum of the parts. Like the alchemy that transforms each ingredient into something unique in the Sabatini Restaurants.